Tron: Legacy

Rated 2.0

Twenty-five-some odd years later, the Mickey Mouse folks attempt to reboot the Tron mythos by offering up more and less of the same. In 3-D! After a prologue to 1982 as Jeff Bridges gets his Polar Express facelift on and then promptly disappears out of his boy’s life for the next couple of decades, the new entry brings us on board with the now grown boy, who isn’t too happy about the Microsoft direction his father’s software company has taken. Soon the son gets sucked into The Grid for some NASCAR-for-nerds exploits, pausing occasionally for obligatory info-dumps that explain a lot in detail, but don’t particularly illuminate anything at all. (Something about his old man’s avatar indulging in some techno-genocide on his way to breaking out into the real world.) There were enough background in-jokes to make it not a total bore to sit through. Still, halfway through, I just wanted it to be done. Cinemark 14, Feather River Cinemas and Paradise Cinema 7. Rated PG