How Do You Know

Rated 2.0

I wanted to like this film, really I did. Reese Witherspoon usually reigns over the Rom Com world. And Paul Rudd? Even when he’s just standing there, he radiates likeability. But even the most charming of charmers needs a decent script to bring charisma to the screen. Too bad writer/director James L. Brooks didn’t know that when he wrote the screenplay. With every mediocre set-up that never pays off with a satisfying punch-line, How Do You Know relies too much on its stars to revive this narrative mess. And they don’t. In Brooks’ latest, Rudd plays George, a reluctant corporate suit who’s bombarded with indictments while simultaneously getting dumped by his girlfriend. Conveniently, he meets Lisa (Witherspoon), and quickly falls for her, providing a necessary distraction from his legal woes. But Lisa’s not sure if she’s into George or her womanizing boyfriend Matty (Owen Wilson). How does she know who to pick? How do you know if this movie is worth your time? You probably know the answer. Cinemark 14, Feather River Cinemas and Paradise Cinema 7. Rated PG-13