TransCanada pipeline explosion

Keystone XL company’s natural-gas pipeline explodes, burns in Manitoba, Canada

On Jan. 25, the explosion of a natural-gas pipeline in the Canadian province of Manitoba resulted in the shut-off of gas supplies for approximately 4,000 people in below-freezing temperatures.

Flames reaching nearly 1,000 feet high shot from the ground during the explosion, but no one was injured, according to It took more than 12 hours for the blaze to be extinguished.

TransCanada Corp.—the company operating the pipeline—has been in the news for quite some time regarding its controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline project to bring tar-sands oil out of Canada to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. The southern leg of the pipeline—dubbed the Gulf Coast Pipeline—recently started operating, carrying crude oil from Oklahoma storage-tank farms to refineries in Texas, according to The Washington Post. Since November, TransCanada has fixed 125 dents and sags in the Gulf Coast Pipeline.