‘Total disregard for voters’ rights’

Local activist files writ the right way

Activist Don Bird has taken his election-legality matter straight up to the California secretary of state, Debra Bowen. This time he’s certain he brought it to the right person.

Back in May, Bird was shot down by a Tehama County judge for filing his suit against Assembly District 2 candidate Jim Nielsen (pictured) instead of Bowen. Bird hopes to get Nielsen disqualified from the race, saying he doesn’t live in the district.

The new complaint charges Bowen with, among other things, “total disregard for voters’ rights” and “acting in a defiant belligerent manner towards all the voters in California, in particular those in the second assembly district.”

Nielsen, a former state Senate minority leader, lives in Woodland, outside District 2, but last fall purchased a mobile home near Gerber, where he said he intended to move once the current owners finished construction on an adjoining parcel.