Top threats

Americans are most worried about North Korea and cyberterrorism

Americans see North Korea as the “greatest U.S. enemy,” according to a recent Gallup poll. Heated exchanges between President Trump and Kim Jong Un appear to have exacerbated this, as the percentage of respondents citing North Korea climbed from 10 percent in 2012 to 51 percent today. However, the concern about the country’s development of nuclear weapons precedes the Trump administration, hovering at around 83 percent for the past five years. Cyberterrorism also tops the list of things Americans consider a critical threat to the U.S., at 81 percent. Here are other highlights:

• Less than half of Americans are concerned about the economic power of China, large numbers of immigrants entering the United States and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

• Partisanship affects these views, particularly with immigration. Sixty-five percent of Republicans consider large numbers entering the U.S. as a critical threat, compared with 16 percent of Democrats.

• Gallup has asked about potential threats to the U.S. seven times since 2004. In each, terrorism or the development of nuclear weapons by a country at odds with America has been named at least one of the critical threats.