Tips for a smooth graduation weekend

Being prepared will keep you—and the fam—from getting too stressed

If you’re a college senior who hasn’t already arranged for a place for the folks to stay while they’re in Chico, they’ll probably be crashing on your couch. But in one week, there are a few things you might be able to do to make graduation weekend a little less hectic. Here are a handful:

1. Find out when your graduation is! Is it Friday (May 22), Saturday, or Sunday? A schedule can be found at

2. Let your parents know where you’ll be sitting so they can get the best photos. A map of the graduation ceremonies can be found via the same link listed above (click on the date of your graduation).

3. Make reservations for dinner. If this hasn’t been done already, it may not be too late, though some of the more sought-after restaurants may be booked up. Get your friends together, pick a favorite eatery, and let them know you’re coming. It’ll make celebratory plans a lot easier.

4. Don’t get blitzed before receiving your diploma. The options are out there, and they may even seem tempting, but between the need to use the restroom and the heat bearing down on you, you’ll be setting yourself up for a wicked hangover around, well, noon. Doesn’t sound so fun after all, eh?

5. Relax. Get through finals first, but then relax. You’ve done your time and this is your moment to shine. Let your parents fawn over you, and don’t forget to thank them—remember, they worked hard to get you to this point, too!