Timing is everything.

KRFW with dna@shocking.com
You know how, since Sept. 11, the attitude of most of the media is to remain calm? Well, this has been causing me much grief, as “calm” is something I am definitely not. So, as an outlet for internal combustion, I went to see the Imps play at Duffy’s. Someone warned me that it would make my ears bleed, but bleeding ears is exactly what I was after.

The Imps were attempting to record a live CD that night, and the crowd was lubed and primed for a solid evening of entertainment. There were celebrities in the audience bobbing heads and many others trying to not look too excited. I’m unsure if so many people are reserved to keep with the “remain calm” program, or if we’ve just forgotten how to have fun. I mean, standing around in front of the greatest live band in Chico and looking as if you’ve just been transported from Seattle is cool and all, but at least give signs that you have a pulse.

Of course, the award for biggest Imps fan is the managing editor of the Syn, Max Sidman. Was a time when I would have to throw Max out of Juanita’s at closing time after every Imps/Hucksalt Speed show. He was a diehard from day one, and—years later—he still leads the pack in showing what true fans are about.

What is it about ear-splitting songs that rocks my boat? Well, for one, the Imps have actual songs that leave you whistling a melody (once the ringing in the ears stops). Second, they take themselves lightly on stage and, third, they keep me from thinking I’m crazy for not remaining calm!!

This Sunday at Wismer Auditorium at Chico State (7:30 p.m.) is a show that features sound art from around the world. Featuring artists from Paris, Japan, LA and SF, the show will have installations and performance pieces. This is the kind of thing that sells out every year at the SF MOMA, so get your baguette, wine and cheese and check it out.

In closing, I’ve got to say Chico is stepping it up in terms of booking and raising the ante with the range of talent that is coming to town. Sold-out shows are on the increase. So buy your tickets in advance and insure that bigger and bigger artists enjoy our little town.