Put your hand in your hand

Are there giant hands popping up all over town? Contact me--.DNA@shocking.com
Who could have predicted snow in Chico on the first day CSU started classes? Not I. Likewise, who would have predicted Sid Lewis getting on stage with internationally known bluegrass band Leftover Salmon? But our own local banjo-slinger really ripped it up, more than held his own and, in my opinion, stole the show. It’s no wonder that renowned musician Joe Craven has decided to come to Chico and do a show with Lewis at the Women’s Club—the boy is on fire.

Yes, our little rice field has been harvesting some amazing players lately. Both Matt Baldoni (Warcry) and classical player Toby Roye are achieving acclaim and accolades since they left town. Do musicians need to leave Chico to reach critical success? Once again that is beyond me to predict, but it pays to go out and see them before they leave! Anyone seen Dave “Papa” Elke lately? Well, do it now, for god’s sake.

Syb Blythe (Juanita’s, Women’s Club) told me that she had to pop someone’s bar bet recently by telling the truth that Nirvana did not play Juanita’s. They played what was then called The Blue Max and is now an antique store on the corner of Ninth and Oroville Avenue (they have giant hands out front). And no, it wasn’t packed; maybe 27 people showed up. And yes, Kurt Cobain did stay at drummer Mike Waltz’s (Electric Circus) house, with his back against the wall and slouched down like an impending rock star. Point is, get out and see some live music while it’s still legal.

My sister just called and said that it’s 72 degrees in New Jersey. Uhm, I may not be the coldest beer in the fridge, but does this seem a bit odd to you? It’s like the coasts have reversed themselves. Maybe that’s why everyone has pictures of the World Trade Center on their walls and is wearing shirts that say, “I Love New York.” Chico has traded places with Newark! I knew it. All the signs pointed to it. First Celestino’s opens up with their authentic East Coast thin-crust pizza, and the next thing I know everyone is walking around downtown saying, "Hey, how ya doin'?" OK, that’s just one of my theories; the other is that we’re watching way too many commercials on TV. In any case, you’re a lovely audience; now go back to your astrology and sex ads and have a nice day