Hail to the Underdogs!

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Good, bad or indifferent, this column will affect you, so put down your bagel and listen up. For those of you who have participated in Nowhere X Nowhere over the years, you have no doubt had at least a minute of enjoyment as you scurried around trying to see a band that struck your fancy. Numbers can be misleading (look at Enron), but in three years we hosted 400 bands, showed 40 films and welcomed several thousand out-of-towners.

If I had an extra 30 hours a week to keep the festival complete, with 10 stages around town, I would. Due to my need to live past 40, NXN2002 will take place in a reconfigured fashion. From May 2-5 at the Senator Theater, NXN will host the top 30 bands out of the 300 that apply each year. The odds have increased, but after three years I can afford to be choosy. And the final result will be the best of the best, so stay tuned to the Web site (www.nowherexnowhere.com) for updates. And as always, locals apply for free.

I know a lot of you local bands are whining, “Aw gee, do I have to burn another 69-cent CD?” Hell yes, you slackers. But here’s the deal: All CDs will receive airtime on local radio, and your packet will also be filed for the 10th Annual Music Revolution. And, speaking of changes, this year these free concerts in the downtown plaza will no longer be on Wednesdays, but will be on Saturday nights from 6 to 8:30 p.m. starting May 11. And, while there will be some great local bands, I am trying to land national acts as well.

Overall, I am really happy about the level of entertainment in Chico right now. Justin at the Brick is doing some great booking in his room. Nick and Mike at LaSalles have been so important to local music, really opening up to new bands and bringing some great talent (Dick Dale!) I finally saw a show at Ajamu’s room at the new BMU on campus (a sweet, sweet room). Dan DeWayne is packing Laxson with a wide array of great shows. Bob Littell is ripping it up at the Sierra Nevada Big Room. Man, I could go on, but I’m running long here, so get out and let me know what you saw.