They’re in the money

Council candidate contributions filed

Those running for the three open Chico City Council seats have collectively amassed nearly $100,000 in contributions to fund their campaigns since Jan. 1, according to campaign finance reports filed with the city clerk.

The candidates have raised a total of $97,784 in monetary donations, loans and nonmonetary support to date. The two top earners—Andrew Coolidge (pictured) and Reanette Fillmer—are responsible for more than half that number, having raised $28,565 and $23,098, respectively.

Coolidge has received $500 in contributions from property developers and managers (real estate developer Pete Giampaoli and property managers The Hignell Companies.), while Fillmer’s $500 contributors include Congressman Doug LaMalfa and Northgate Petroleum Co.

The rest of the candidates have raised as follows: Mark Sorensen—$12,880; Lupe Arim-Law—$12,137; Scott Gruendl—$10,897.50; and Forough Molina— $10,207. Rodney Willis has not yet filed the necessary paperwork to begin receiving donations.

Other notable contributors include former Mayor Andy Holcombe, who donated $500 to Arim-Law, $200 to Gruendl and $100 to Molina. Former City Planner Jon Luvaas gave $500 each to Gruendl and Molina, and he and his wife, Tanha, gave $250 to Arim-Law.

Regular conservative contributors Doug, Abbie, Thomas and Sue Dauterman of Thomas Hydraulics and Thomas Welding each gave $500 to Coolidge, while Carolyn and Thomas Dauterman each gave $500 to Fillmer, and Thomas and Sue Dauterman each handed Sorensen $500.

Local political activist Loretta Torres, a self-employed farmer, gave Sorensen and Coolidge $400 each.