Vehicle chases and shootings

Alleged gang confrontation in north Chico

Chico police continue to investigate an Oct. 4 confrontation of alleged gang members that included what witnesses described as a “rolling gun fight” between occupants in a Honda Civic and a Toyota pickup in the area of Cohasset and Pillsbury roads.

Just after 1 p.m., the vehicles collided in the parking lot west of Bank of America after at least 10 shots were fired. Five occupants of the Honda ran south toward Kmart, where they were arrested. The Toyota’s three occupants fled north and escaped. The driver of the Honda was shot in the hand by one of his occupants. The incident reportedly began outside Bidwell Junior High during the Hmong New Year celebration at the school.

Coincidently, the statue of Hmong hero Gen. Vang Pao that stood outside the City Council chambers on Main Street was vandalized the night before. Chico Police Sgt. Greg Keeney said there is no apparent connection to the shooting incident.