Family makes grisly discovery

Body may be missing Chico woman

Family members of missing 23-year-old Angelica Weems pointed investigators to the decomposing remains of a woman in a ravine east of the Sacramento River in Butte County on Oct. 5.

Weems has been missing since the night of Sept. 13, when she and her husband, Zir Weems (pictured), left his grandmother’s house near Willows to go for a walk, according to a KRCR News report. That night, police reportedly found him on his grandmother’s property, bleeding from self-inflicted lacerations on both arms.

Several days later, he was arrested on charges of animal cruelty for leaving two Rottweilers chained too tightly to a tree on his grandmother’s property. One of the dogs died. He currently remains in Glenn County Jail.

According to a Butte County Sheriff’s press release, the remains found on Oct. 5 have not been identified, but Weems’ family searched the area specifically “because it was an area Angelica Weems had been known to frequent.”