There is an answer

Let’s come together, not fall apart.
People have been asking me why I haven’t addressed the Twin Towers incident in my column. I am of the opinion that the written word is a sacred venture and that the privilege shouldn’t be abused with half-formed thoughts and misinformed mongering. My observation is that the anti-war rallies in town are having far better turnouts than the pro-war efforts, so perhaps the media’s portrayal of an entire country whooped up into a national fervor is off by over 50 percent. One can only hope that America stands at least half divided upon the notion of “going to war.” I feel the horror of what happened in NYC and yet cannot support the needless slaughter of more innocent lives. I cannot believe that children should have to suffer for the actions of the adults. Where is our humanity toward others? What happened to the good old American virtue of ingenuity? Have we run out of ideas and hope already?

On the music side of things in Chico, there is growth in the number of bands, and one cannot ride his or her bike down the avenues or streets without hearing a live band playing. My advice to new bands that want to get into clubs is to go out and see other bands! Find out who’s playing what club and ask around how they got the gig. Better yet, create some house parties and invite these bands to come play. You would be amazed how solidarity in the scene will immediately make things better.

For those just on the tip of breaking out of your garage, you might try an open-mike night. I recently saw such an evening at Has Bean’s. Hosted by Dr. Susan Dobra, the event had everything from lounge singers to poets. I don’t claim to be an expert, but after working with 1,000 bands in this town, I have noticed a few things. Take for example, the "proof is in the pudding" theory. Time and time again I have bands fight over who goes first, second or third. And how many times have bands who clawed to "headline" found themselves emptying a previously packed dance floor as soon as their caterwauling began? Well, far too many. Just remember, if you don’t care what people think, stay in your basement, but when taking the stage in public become aware that there is an audience, and they might, just might, be a better judge of what you sound like.