Searching for tail

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The “Rock in the Park” show was by all accounts a success. A Saturday afternoon of good clean fun, just the way Annie Bidwell intended the park to be used. Locals Warcry ripped it up with a performance that was, above all else, possessed. Frisbees were tossed, hacky-sacks kicked and smiles all around. One can only hope that we see more good work by local promoter Marshall Elliot. Good job!

Alex Belden’s Axis Dreamer dance company finished up a four-day run and was enjoyed by hundreds of community folks and children. It was exciting and dare I say historic to see the stage of the Senator Theater come alive with the spirit of dance. The shadows of movement that filled the walls were a resurrection of joy, and Mr. Belden should be congratulated by all for his achievement. To see a fellow Chicoan organize such an ambitious project, with a cast of over 30 people, and fund it with his own money and wherewithal is to begin to understand the dedication of so many members of our community to preserving the arts.

I had never really associated with dancers before. I’m more of a musician guy. And musicians, by my recollections, tend to be a glum sort, who shine only when the muses descend. But dancers, well, they tend to be incredibly perky, constantly throwing their legs up on counters and spinning around as if searching for their own tails. No wonder Frank Sinatra spent so much time with Vegas showgirls!

This Friday at 8 p.m. is the opening of the Chico Community and Performing Arts Center at the Senator Theater. Run by a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing the widest array of local and imported talent to the area, it’s a dream I can only hope you all share. The night will feature the Pub Scouts, Marie Oliver’s dancers, a song by “Big” Dan Valdez, saxophone by Rudy Giscombe, poetry by Denny Latimer and Stephen T. Davis and Dublin’s rising star Nina Hynes. Kids get in for free!

And for the first time in eight years, the Mother Hips will not be playing the Music Revolution, due to a birth and other priorities of life. But please come support all the bands this year as we seek to foster community every Wednesday night in the downtown plaza at 6 p.m. Meet new friends and sample the best music you can find in Chico.