The United States of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart haters everywhere would do well to read up on their favorite villain. Dicker’s exhaustive research here into the retail giant’s past, present and future is filled with wit and cynicism. The mounting case against the über-discounter’s union-busting, ol’-boy cronyism, censorship, low wages and the arm twisting it puts to its manufacturers is presented in a convincing and saucy voice. Dicker lays out the data of just how bad Wal-Mart is while offering tips and tricks on how to keep the behemoth out of your back yard. Having Wal-Mart in your town is a sure way to increase the welfare rolls, lower property values, shut local mom ’n’ pops and increase sweat shop labor overseas, so say the statistics. The mammoth mart has conquered rural America, Canada and Mexico, is making headway in Europe, has its eye on India and likely won’t stop until it has penetrated every market in the world.