Quest for the Soul

What could be more pressing than the quest to know who we are as human beings and the relation we have with the universal reality, whatever that may be? In John Nash’s book Quest for the Soul, this most ultimate of questions is posed and thoroughly explored. Nearly all known civilizations have posited a soul that mediates between our earthly selves and the ultimate divinity. In this first of two books about the soul (the other being The Soul and its Destiny), Dr. Nash surveys the nature and identity of the human soul as seen through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, as well as by those in the Western Esoteric tradition that grew out of the ancient Mystery Schools: esoteric Judaism, esoteric Christianity, hermetism and the modern spiritual movement of Theosophy and its outgrowths, some of whose exponents were Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Helena Roerich. John Nash is to the study of the soul what Huston Smith is to the study of the world’s religions.