Bourbon Street

Paradise author Leonce Gaiter holds suspense and paints mystery, intrigue and scandal with full characters, plot and atmosphere in his new book. Protagonist Deke Watley eases into the Big Easy during an era of high racism, gambling, murder and Mardi Gras. He’s been a lucky gambler up to now, and it looks as if his streak might continue, as Alex Moreau enters with some serious games planned for him. Floating through a world in which characters are armed with masks and guns, Deke finds lost love, poker and the powerful underworld. As he wrestles with the past, aiming for a brighter future, Deke is unaware of a larger plan being played out by those with more at stake. Gaiter tells a sordid tale with plenty of sex, violence, racism and murder, leading us to an eerie conclusion during which only a few of the players will make it out of the game alive.