Sight Hound

Welcome to the world of Rea, a moderately emotionally damaged playwright, and her entourage of people and pets. Rea has a couple of dogs, one of which, Dante, thinks deeply and constantly about Rea’s well-being. This wonder-dog is set on finding a suitable human companion for Rea before the dog himself succumbs to cancer. Will the reader believe that all her problems will be solved by the right partner? Dante seems to. And so do quite a few of the other characters we meet along the way—the vet, the vet’s assistant, the caretaker, an actor, an ex-hockey star, the cat and more. Houston manages to bring in a satisfactory level of character development to keep the interest. Recommended for people who believe (or want to believe) that the long looks that dogs give them are filled with deep thought and insight, and that they (dog and/or owner) might, in fact, be the center of the universe.