Unrooted Childhoods: Memoirs of Growing Up Global

Unrooted Childhoods is a collection of 20 powerful memoirs by those “born in one nation, raised in others, flung into global jet streams by their parents’ career choices and consequent mobility…” Famous contributors include Carlos Fuentes, Isabel Allende, Pico Iyer and Mary Edwards Wertsch, a U. S. Army brat, who writes of the pain of leaving the foreign country she has come to call home: “I was nearly thirteen when my father received orders to go back to the States, and the parting from the country I had come to love was almost unbearable. We left from Le Havre, on an ocean liner that pulled away from the docks one June evening at twilight. I remember standing on the deck for a long, long time watching the lights of Le Havre, trying not to blink so I could fill my eyes with as much of France as possible before the horizon would draw the curtain and I would have to turn away, begin my grieving…” Each essay tugs at the heart and mind of both the untraveled and those who knows what it is like to live in and leave a place they have come to know as home.