The Singles

Goldfrapp’s discography seems like a tale of two bands—some tracks like “Ooh La La” and “Strict Machine” are straightforward glam-pop, with synthesizers pulsing and buzzing and frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp whispering stylish things in your ear. However, composer and synthesizer player Will Gregory has never been afraid to bring the tempo way down, at times sounding like a lounge act in space (hear “Lovely Head"), or delving into the realm of ambient soundscape. It makes for a greatest-hits compilation that’s very diverse—which is an accurate depiction of their musical careers. For those listeners who are new to Goldfrapp, the foot-tapping club tracks are likely to capture the imagination right off the bat, but there are more subtle moments worthy of attention as well. The heartfelt ballad “A&E” features Alison’s breathy vocals in all their beauty, while “Number 1” is the kind of song that makes you feel nostalgic for no good reason. The album’s weak points are two new tracks, “Yellow Halo” and “Melancholy Sky,” that feel more like afterthoughts than worthy additions to an otherwise fantastic music collection.