The No Business

Squirrel vs. Bear

I hesitate to compare Squirrel vs. Bear to a sound, a movement or another band. Not only would it be lazy on my part, but it would also do the band a disservice. Besides, it’s been done to death. The No Business shows SVB finally laying its live show down on disc—seven songs, no filler. Recorded live at the Black Lodge studio in Chico, the album veers from dancey shuffles and swirling synth-licks in “Ultramagnetic” to frantic vocals and off-kilter guitar-bursts in “Boys with Barbi Dolls.” Bassist Ron Barker and drummer Morgan Fleischmann pound out a solid foundation that jumps and pops but still provides ample space for Kirt Lind’s and Ryan Maker’s guitars to dance, squeal and buzz throughout. And Lind’s and Maker’s vocals follow suit, hovering high above the sea of noise. The No Business is one of those records where you discover something new with each listen. And for all its intricacies, the album manages to maintain a simple and infectious swagger.