Soweto Gospel Choir

Voices from Heaven

Voices from Heaven is a perfect title for the debut CD of South Africa’s Soweto Gospel Choir. Not only does the choir, as one might guess, sing inspirational African gospel music, but its sound is truly out-of-this-world heavenly. If you missed the group’s stunning performance at Laxson Auditorium recently, here’s a second chance for you to hear the beautiful, harmonious sounds that so thrilled the audience. The bulk of what the choir sings on its current U.S. tour appears on Voices from Heaven—the joyous, uplifting Sotho songs “Zanele” and “Ahuna Ya Tswanang Le Jesu” are part of this 16-track collection of undeniable gems. The disc closes with Alan Lazar’s moving composition “African Dream”: “In my African dream, there’s a new tomorrow/ My African dream is a dream that we can follow…”