The Goods

Need a ride?
Have a long way to go to get home and not enough gas money? Don’t’ worry, you’re not alone. And luckily, Chico State wants to help you get out of town. The university and Associated Students are helping to hook students up with transportation through Alternet Rides. Students can offer a spot in their car or find a seat for themselves through the carpooling/ridesharing site, For more information, contact Allison at 898-5489.

Get outta town
Butte College is offering a few different options for those who want to get away from here. Studying abroad, that is. Programs will be available next summer in southern Mexico, the Yucatan, Italy and Turkey. Fall ’08 students can travel to Costa Rica. The deadline for most of these programs, which have limited spaces but do offer school credit, is Friday (Dec. 14). For more information, contact Study Abroad Coordinator David Cooper at 895-2415.

Green ways
Sierra Nevada Brewery’s Ken Grossman and his wife, Katie Gosner, are sponsoring the new SAGE Award for Environmental Stewardship. The SAGE program (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) at Chico State has received the award, to be given to high school students with an active interest in environmental issues.

Do you know Chico?
Well, someone thinks you might not and has created a challenge in the form of a quiz. Questions range from “Where is the wall of foam?” to “How many beers are on tap at the Grad?” If you’re a partier and you think you’re in the know, check out the quiz at

Faculty and staff, you can help.
Kathy Jacob, in Chico State’s University Housing and Food Service department, needs donated leave credits. If you have extra and want to help a fellow employee, call the Disability Programs Office at 898-5436.

Get ready for vacation
Finals are approaching, and before you know it, winter break will be upon us. For Chico State students living on campus, that means residence halls will close Dec. 21. Those who have late classes that day, however, can request a late move-out—but you have to do it by this Friday (Dec. 14.) Call 898-6325 for more information.