The Goods

This cat is wired
A year ago, the Chico News & Review reported on the launch of Wired Cat, the social-networking site created by two Chico State students, Daniel Buchner and Nolan Brown. Their goal was to create a site not only for students to network, but also for businesses to create virtual homes. Well, the virtual real-estate market is open on, and it’s called CityCrawler. The addition includes maps to businesses as well as menus and specials. Users can also leave comments and join friends lists. The current crop of businesses is still fairly small—Madison Bear Garden, Stick n Dip, Five & Eye, among a handful of others—but the site has potential.

Happy Tofurkey Day
Don’t eat meat? Does all the turkey in the air around Thanksgiving really get your goat (figuratively, of course)? Well, have no fear. A meatless Thanksgiving is near. The Environmental Action and Resource Center and The Environmental Affairs Council are hosting a Tofurkey feast Nov. 14 from noon to 4 p.m. at Sylvester’s Café at Chico State. The food should be good, too, considering it’s coming from Sierra Nevada and Chico Natural Foods. Gobble, gobble.

Round ’em up
In possibly one of the strangest competitions Chico State students participate in, the school’s livestock judging team is heading off to Louisville to, well, judge some livestock. The North American International Livestock Expo is Nov. 11-12, and participants will be asked to rank groups of animals and explain their rankings. Chico State has come in in the top-10 for a decade, so let’s hope they can spot the best-looking cows and pigs this time around, too.

Onstage Pride
Here’s one for theater buffs. Pride and Prejudice is being put to music for the Butte College Theatre Department’s newest production. The musical will be performed at the Paradise Performing Arts Center starting Nov. 9 and running through the 18th. For more information, visit or

Kudos to The Orion
The student newspaper at Chico State recently received the Online Pacemaker award for its Web edition from the Associated Collegiate Press. It shares the honor, given for such things as ease of navigation, graphics and interactivity, with 13 other school publications.

Behind bars
Evan Benevento, a 20-year-old Butte College student, was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with two stabbings in early September. He was reportedly arrested Nov. 1 after being interviewed by Chico police. The victims, two unidentified males, were stabbed multiple times outside a home on Ivy Street.