The Con-Tra-Band

Natural Born Killers

From the opening skreel of bagpipes blending into Hendrixian flamenco mutating into classic ’77 punk riffing and shouting, the latest offering from the Con-Tra-Band launches into a realm of cross-cultural conspiracy weaving that doesn’t let up over the course of its 12 strong tracks. Opener “Highlander” manages to metaphorically tie together the immortalist musings of the obscure TV program with the concept of feuding imperialist corporate states. The title song includes the lines: “Get up off your lazy ass it’s time to catch a bullet./Vietnam what a sham/babies should be left in prams.” Everything is sung with raw-throated sincerity by local mastermind Sid Locksley backed by awesome, surf-inflected punk licks from guitarist Frank Malicious, the tight drumming of Keith “the Gravedigger” Vidra and the solid bass of Stanley Blade. Real, “real” punk, well worth ordering from