The Soft Adventure EP/Colts

Fans of singer-songwriter/guitarist Tim Bluhm (ex-Mother Hips front man) are probably going to love his new CD. After all, it sounds like him—in tune, good guitar work, familiar laid-back vibe. But that’s exactly where some others may have a little trouble with this CD: Sometimes it’s a little too predictable. There’s that set of chord changes again; there’s that slow tempo again. Sometimes it’s nice to get into that very mellow space, but I don’t really want to be there on practically every song, especially when sometimes the song itself seems to be asking for something different. Bluhm’s strength is his songwriting, but sometimes the songs seem to cry out for a different, sometimes grittier, funkier treatment.Tim Bluhm performs Saturday, May 24, at the Palms in Chico at 1525 Dayton Rd. Tickets for the all-day event are $10 ($8 if you arrive by bike or other alternative transportation).