One Word Extinguisher

Hailing from Stankonia (Atlanta), land of the Dirty South beats, esteemed indie hip-hop producer/multi-instrumentalist Scott Herren (a.k.a. Prefuse 74) knows how to get funky. His cut-and-pastiche sound has been dubbed “blip hop” by the press for its combo of electronica and thick, hip-hop beats. On his latest, Herren drops an effortlessly chill, jazzy blend of digitally layered vibes (fragments of guitarrón, harmonium, concertina, snare patches, vocal samples) and incisive breakbeats that yield a colorful sonic mosaic. Having relocated to Barcelona, Herren has created a new album of fresh, swirling music that seems to capture the moped breezes and vibrant street parties of his new home. Filled with great mid-tempo instrumentals, the album also features exciting rap performances by up-n-comers Mr. Lif and Diverse. Es dope.