The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Rated 4.0

Prince Caspian is the second of seven in the series depicting based on the books of C.S. Lewis, and it is considerably more violent than its predecessor, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And while it takes place in the same magical realm, the world of Prince Caspian is more like our own world (especially since those in power here are human). Both the animation and acting have been upgraded with this installment, and with there being less emphasis on CGI, the film just looks better. This time around, the four siblings who first entered Narnia via a wardrobe in the first film—Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter—return to a place they know well but hardly recognize. That’s because 1,000 years have passed since their last visit, and the Telmarines (humans) have taken power from the Narnians. Among the Telmarines lives Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes), heir to the throne. His evil uncle, Miraz (Sergio Castellitto), looking like he came fresh from the cast of 300, however, wants the crown for himself. Their fight against each other parallels the foursome’s fight to return Narnia to its former glory. With five novels left, and considering the improvement this film showed over the last, we have some very fine adventures ahead.