Iron Man

Rated 4.0

A multibillionaire CEO who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty—now that’s a rare breed. But it’s what makes Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) human. And incredible. And Iron Man. The film opens in the mountain desert of Afghanistan. Stark, a weapons designer, is in a military vehicle, sipping a drink when an explosion occurs. He wakes up in a cave, a captive of local terrorists who want him to build his latest weapon for them. A magnet hooked up to a car battery keeps metal fragments out of Stark’s heart and keeps him alive. With the help of a local doctor, he builds an all-body shield from various Stark-made weapons, and escapes. When he returns to the United States, after seeing his weapons used by Afghan forces against Americans, Stark gets a conscience, much to the chagrin of his power-craving partner, Obadiah (Jeff Bridges). When Stark’s considerably upgraded Iron Man faces off against Obadiah’s clone, Iron Monger, it’s more than just two totally awesome machine-men fighting—it’s good vs. evil, peace vs. war, conscience vs. corporation. An awesome summer kick-off film, even if it is a bit slow in parts.