Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Rated 2.0

Whether you love his stuff, loathe it or are just oblivious, it’s hard to escape former TV-show runner Judd Apatow’s presence since the flashfire success of last year’s Knocked Up. As writer, director or producer (as he is here), it seems like half the current comedies have to pass across his desk on the way to the multiplex. After being unceremoniously dumped by his starlet girlfriend, hack composer and chronic schlub Peter (Jason Segel) packs up his mope and heads off to Hawaii to set about doing what the title sets up. Being what it is, of course his ex, Sarah Marshall, is at the same resort with her new rock-star boyfriend. Of course. Cue: more chuckleheaded “It’s-funny-’cause-it’s-real!” shenanigans. Which includes supporting work by the Apatow roster and several opportunities for writer/lead Jason Segel to unpack his pecker. Because peckers are funny, y’know? It doesn’t help that there’s not a likable character in the mix. If you prefer traditional comedy that uses actual humor to induce the funny instead of heavy emphasis on humiliation to provide the yucks, better luck next time.