Thanks for giving

Ah, public records. By inputting four Chico ZIP codes into, maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics, we were able to find out which locals recently donated to political candidates or causes. The money totaled $95,014. Interestingly for a Republican stonghold, Chico-Paradise area donors chose to give more to John Kerry than to George W. Bush. Below is a partial list (basically names we recognized).

Donor occupation amount recipient

Marian Baldy CSUC prof $950 EMILY’s List†

political Josh Cook consultant $240 BCRCC**

Carolyn Dauterman business owner $2,000 Rico Oller

Jane Dolan county supervisor $1,000 John Kerry

Robert Glusman judge $250 DNC Services Corp.*

Scott Gruendl Chico City Council $250 Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Les Heringer M&T Ranch manager $200 Wally Herger

Howard Isom grower/ $767 Blue Diamond Growers “ accountant $250 Bill Jones

former KHSL/ Tony Kiernan KNVN GM $1,000 Wally Herger

Jim Ledgerwood apartment owner $240 BCRCC** “ “ $1,500 Rico Oller

Grant Lundberg rice grower $250 Charles Stenholm

Jon Luvaas mediator $500 John Kerry “ “ $250 DNC Services Corp.*

Mooney family Mooney Farms $2,500 Wally Herger

Jim Moravec owner, Stott Outdoor Advertising $250 Mike Thompson

Steve Nettleton former Chico Heat owner $500 George W. Bush

Dan Ostrander Butte College $300 National instructor Republican Congressional Cmte.

Raymond Richter retired businessman $500 Rosario Marin

Ann Rutherford retired judge $450 John Edwards

Garey Weibel retired E-R publisher $1,000 Wally Herger

Phil Wolfe Enloe CEO $2,000 California Healthcare Assn.

* The “soft money” account of the Democratic National Committee, which goes not to candidates but toward party-building and voter awareness efforts.

† Standing for “Early Money Is Like Yeast,” this political action committee supports pro-choice women Democrats.

** Butte County Republican Central Committee