We’re all wet

We’ve got water on the brain (see cover story,) and decided to contact Cal Water for some fun facts on local usage of nature’s wine. Here are some numbers Manager Mark Lightcap had on hand for 2003.

• Wells produced 9310.7 million gallons of water for Chico and Hamilton City last year. That’s more than 9.3 billion gallons.

• On an average day, 25.5 million gallons were produced for residential, industrial and commercial uses.

• On the busiest (and possibly hottest) day of the year, when wells were going full-blast to feed Chico’s thirst for drinking and irrigation water, 54.3 million gallons were produced.

• The average Cal Water customer in Chico uses 1,026 gallons a day.

• Cal Water charges in units of 100 cubic feet. There are 748 gallons in a cubic foot.