No fat to cut?

With Butte County projecting a budget shortfall of at least $9 million, cuts are going to have to come from somewhere. Efforts to renegotiate contracts and force workers to take time off so far have failed. Will county administrators look to cut back on the highest salaries? Unlikely. In the past, they have stated that doing so would actually cost more, since they wouldn’t be able to attract top-notch job candidates with sub-par wages.

In any case, here are the top 10 salaries at the county:

Position Salary
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) $153,319

County Counsel $146,248

Psychiatrist (Dept. Behavioral Health) $135,898

Asst. CAO $127,766

Director of Employment (Dept. Social Svcs.) $125,626

Health Officer (Dept. Behavioral Health) $122,182

Asst. County Counsel $121,736

District Attorney $121,736

Director, Behavioral Health $114,014

Sheriff/Coroner $111,824