Marquee Moon (reissue)

Originally released in 1977, Marquee Moon is an essential testament to musical creativity unmarked by the passage of time. Rising from New York City’s late-’70s CBGB scene that included Richard Hell, Blondie, Talking Heads, and The Ramones among others, this band was an anomaly. Television artfully mapped extensive, unexplored territories upon a blueprint of a repetitive, steady rhythm section beneath the dueling noise and textures of Richard Lloyd’s and Tom Verlaine’s guitars, cyclically, and endlessly, reproducing revolt against anything expected of them. Included in the reissue is the fêted “Little Johnny Jewel,” previously available as a rare 7-inch that, because of its extraordinary length, was unorthodoxly split between both sides (pissing off Lou Reed in the process!?!). Marquee Moon was as significant as the Velvet Underground’s first album, tutoring future alternative nations in redefining the guitar as the paintbrush and conduit of sound.