The Rapture


If you were wondering what’s the latest musical second coming New York hipsters are worshiping these days, The Rapture is it. After a protracted series of false starts and over a year’s worth of pre-hype, the New York-via-San Diego crew unwrapped its treasure Echoes in October, and the disco kids have been going gaga ever since. The strictly club tracks, “Olio” and “I Need Your Love,” are soooo boring (think Roxbury Guys on S.N.L.) that it’s amazing the rest of this rich and exciting album is by the same band. The stark arrangement and jagged guitars of “The Coming of Spring” and “Echoes” are as jarring and breathtaking as vintage Television at its most nervous, and my personal favorite, “Love is All,” is so close to Big Star pop-perfection that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to ever stop humming it. The big club hit, “House of Jealous Lovers,” is plenty fun and invigorating for sure, but I just prefer the very similar, yet less-dancey and more rockin’ and reckless “Heaven.” What do I know, though? I’m in California.