They’re dead to us.

They’re dead to us.

Technology vs. Botox
In an age when people inject highly poisonous proteins into their faces, should I be surprised that Nintendo has come out with a beauty aid for the Nintendo DS handheld game? Face Training claims to be “facial Yoga,” helping users avoid wrinkles.

Using a camera and “a series of daily exercises, the DS console becomes a compact mirror that helps improve facial muscle tone, improving your appearance.” I guess what surprised me more was a study out of the UK that claims two out of three DS users in the kingdom across the pond are women. They also claim that 85 percent of their customers over the age of 45 have never played computer games before the DS.

Satellite dish flair
It still kinda freaks me out that any average Joe and Josephine can buy a satellite dish, screw it into the side of their house and receive information from an orbiting hunk of space technology. It just seems so futuristic. Not to mention a bit ugly when you see about 12 of these battleship-gray dishes on the side of an apartment complex.

Well, thanks to, all of that ugliness is about to change. Not only do they sell UV-proof, “high-quality foil,” self-adhesive stickers or flowers or abstract designs to pimp your dish, but you can also submit your own creation to be made into a dish sticker.

If you bought 1,429 shares of Google stock in 2004, at $85 per share (a relatively modest investment of $121,465), you’d be a millionaire right now. That’s because Google stock just crossed the $700 line. Reacting to reports that the advertisement/search-engine company is pitching the Gphone to Verizon Wireless, the stock crossed the threshold just three weeks after it crossed the $600 mark (at that time, analysts speculated it might cross the $700 line within the next year).

Following Apple’s success with the iPhone and the excitement over the Gphone, might we see a Yphone from Yahoo! or a McPhone from McDonald’s? I better trademark the TechnoPhone while I can.

Your “friend” is an old fart!
You know your friend Tom? You know, the smiling white guy with a white T-shirt looking over his left shoulder from a well-used white board? Come on, check your MySpace page, he’s your first friend (Male, 32 years old, Santa Monica, Calif., United States).

Following rumors that the co-founder of MySpace, Tom Anderson, was lying about his age on his MySpace profile, Newsweek raked some muck (professional license information, voter registration and utility applications) to find that Anderson is really 36, not 32! That means the “young lad” was actually a pre-historic 31 years old when he founded the youth-centric social networking site. Someone call The Onion.

Wacky Web site of the week
If you didn’t get enough brains and flesh to eat this last All Hallow’s Eve, check out the entries in this excellent ongoing Photoshop competition.