Sure shot

Glenn Fuentes

Photo By Mark Lore

Photojournalist and all-around nice guy Glenn Fuentes has worked at the Chico Enterprise-Record since 2001. After receiving a journalism degree from San Jose State University, he freelanced at the Palo Alto Weekly and the Mountain View Voice and interned at the Oakland Tribune before moving north to “the party town.” Fuentes has also written some articles in his time, including a few for his current employer, and even won an award in 2000 from the California Newspaper Publishers Association for a feature story he did on skydiving. Does being a double-threat worry the writers he currently works with? “Yes,” he jokes. “They are threatened by me writing and taking photos at the same time.”

What do you prefer to shoot?

I prefer sports. That’s basically what I went into photography for. I’ve always wanted to work for a bigger magazine like Sports Illustrated or maybe ESPN The Magazine.

Which sports teams do you like?

I like the A’s, the Raiders and the Warriors … which are 0-5 right now.

Any sports memories?

It was the early-'80s. Me, my dad and mom and my sisters went to a ballgame, and we were in the second deck right behind home plate in Oakland. They were playing the New York Yankees, which is my dad’s favorite team. We were sitting there, and we were talking about if we were going to get a foul ball. So we’re watching the game, and Dave Winfield comes up. He hits a foul ball, and it hits the guy next to my sister in the eye. And we were scared. And it was like, “We don’t want a foul ball now.”

Did you have your glove?

Yes, of course. But I don’t think I would have caught it. I don’t think I would have saved him.

What photo are you the proudest of?

It was a fall photo on the bridge at One-Mile. It’s a Monet-like photo. There was a guy walking over the bridge, and I took a photo of the reflection. Everybody knows I take a lot of photos of reflections.

Does your family ever hit you up for family photos?

All the time. I come over, and they go, "Hey where’s your camera?" And I go, "Oh, it’s around."