Stop, in the name of the (stupid) law!

Keep your sidecutters out of your pocket if you’re in Austin, Texas.

Keep your sidecutters out of your pocket if you’re in Austin, Texas.

Those of you who like that saggy-pants look (which is so 2002, by the way): Well, watch out while traveling down south. In Dallas, you could soon get busted for wearing your pants too low. Wouldn’t want anyone to see too much of your undies. Seriously, though, lawmakers are considering this. Move over, Dallas PD; the Fashion Police are coming to town. Just for your amusement, here are some other quirky laws on the books, including a few from our neck of the woods.

It is illegal to own green or smelly animal hides, to bowl on the sidewalk, or to drive a herd of cattle down a street.

Throwing or shooting slingshots, darts, arrows or other missiles within city limits is forbidden. It’s also illegal to spit on public buildings.

Austin, Texas:
You cannot carry wirecutters in your pocket.

St. Louis:
It is illegal to sit on a curb of a city street and drink beer from a bucket. Also, milkmen cannot run while on duty.

Provo, Utah:
Throwing snowballs is strictly forbidden—it will cost you $50 if you’re caught.

Fargo, N.D.:
It’s against the law to wear a hat while dancing.

Mobile, Ala.:
You may not possess “spray string"; it is illegal to aim a laser pointer at an on-duty police officer; oh, and bows and arrows are also prohibited.