Spring sense: Fun (and safety) in the sun

Waste Management’s tips for outdoor safety

Now that spring sunshine has finally arrived, the folks at Waste Management suggest a quick brush-up on ways to keep the streets, local wildlife and, naturally, your trash cans safe:

1. Be smart in the streets: The sunshine and that dry road are beckoning bikers, runners and walkers. Before you join the extra congestion, brush up on the rules of the road and dust off the old bike helmet.

2. Be mindful of wildlife: Just because you live in a “city” doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about wild animals. Chico is surrounded by wilderness. After your barbecues and picnics make sure everything gets disposed of in well-secured containers. The plastic loops that hold soft-drink containers, for instance, can strangle birds.

3. Don’t start a trash fire: Every year, improperly disposed of hot coals from barbecues cause fires and injuries. Just because coals look cool doesn’t mean they are. Don’t ever dump coals straight into your trash container. Coals and ashes should cool for several days, then be placed in a metal container (never wood or plastic) before being placed in a receptacle.