Spirits Rebellious

Back in 2012, The Lolos joined little Chico’s big roster of bands playing original music, energizing the town with their blend of alt-rock and rowdy Americana and garnering local praise in the form of a 2015 CAMMIES award for Best Rock Act. The trio is back in the local ear with its latest release, Spirits Rebellious. The songs take sharp turns from one dynamic style to the next, such as the clear-cut rock breakdowns on the quick-lived “Tiger,” followed by the quick-stepped blues-rock mover “Scoundrel.” There aren’t many quiet moments, but they happen, like the pretty duet “Streetlights,” with vocalist Matthew Heyden and vocalist/drummer McKenzie Warner trading off quietly delivered verses, their sentiments underscored by Ben Colbeck’s simple finger-picked guitar and guest Caroline Fairchild’s long fiddle lines. The album came out in March, but the band is finally celebrating with an official release party—Saturday, Dec. 16, 8 p.m.—at Cafe Coda.