Evaluate What You Tolerate

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Born out of a sense of responsibility to speak out against the continued violence and targeting of minorities by police in the Bay Area and beyond, the Evaluate What You Tolerate compilation brings 50 of the area’s punk bands together to raise money for the Oakland-based Anti Police-Terror Project. The limited-edition dual cassette features caustic, pissed-off tracks from the likes of Otzi, Wax Idols and Maya Songbird on Volume 1, and the speed thrash of Los Huaycos, garage rock of Jesus and the Dinosaurs and noise rock of Marriage + Cancer (Portland, Ore.)on Volume 2. An accompanying zine contains artwork, outreach and ads for organizations that help to educate and protest police violence in the region, as well as a long-form interview with project leader Cat Brooks. All proceeds from the sales of the comp and zine go toward this important cause, and you get schooled on a bunch of rad bands at the same time.