Soul Mine

Sometimes you need to kick up some dirt and make a ruckus. That’s where outlaw country comes in, and it’s familiar territory for a group like Gasoline Lollipops. On the Boulder, Colo., band’s latest, Soul Mine, “Mustangs” stands out with a rodeo-country feel, driven by the kind of raspy barroom vocals and quick licks that keep feet stomping from start to finish. Even with its boisterous nature, there are also down-tempo selections to hear, such as “Burns,” with a somber fiddle and singer Clay Rose’s old-fashioned delivery conjuring up a late night around the campfire. There’s a thrashing quality throughout the album that suits its agnsty reflections on life’s trials and tribulations. One of the last tracks, “Ghost of a Man,” has a soothing cadence, but its overarching vibe is also cathartic. All that dirt kicking can be quite a release.