Wait Don’t Wait

A synthy pop beat can be a hard thing to deny. The duo known as Sisters is proof of it. With Wait Don’t Wait, the Seattle two-piece is already on its second full-length release of the year, this time paired with Portland, Ore.’s, Tender Loving Empire. There’s some throwback sound here. “Glitter Lights” has a sticky synth riff and shimmery quality that feels right out of the 1980s, while the staccato jumps, electronic drums and vocal timbre on “Heart Beats” has a strong Phil Collins resemblance (the sax outro feeds that vibe as well). But the sound is still their own. The excellent “Let Me Go” exhibits just what distinguishes Sisters, with an instant communal feel via hand claps and chorus vocals, and a dynamic arrangement that grows from a wobbly riff into a warm piano-driven anthem: “Home is where I’d be if my heart could decide.” Start with that one.