Solar shelter

Energy-saving roofs

A local roofing contractor has teamed up with New Jersey-based GAF Materials Corp. to equip four Habitat for Humanity of Butte County homes with solar roofs, according to a Habitat for Humanity press release.

Sierra Roofing—a home-inspection and roofing company in Chico that is a GAF Master Elite and Certified Contractor—has so far installed solar roofs on two homes located in the Habitat Greens Subdivision on 16th Street. The partnership is part of Habitat’s nationwide effort to match roofing materials donated by GAF with local contractors who can install them.

“We have a great sense of pride in knowing our work is part of a solution that creates affordable housing with families in our community,” said Eric Gray of Sierra Roofing’s donated labor. The remaining two solar roofs will be installed by next month.