Lassen Volcanic grabs grant

Dollars for youth

Lassen Volcanic National Park was recently awarded a grant from the National Park Foundation (NPF) that will fund the creation of “discovery daypacks,” bags filled with interpretive materials and equipment that will make hikes and other activities more meaningful to kids, according to a park press release.

The daypacks will be created as part of a larger, ongoing youth-oriented project to maximize the experience of young people—especially teens—at the park, many of whom visit on field trips and have never before seen a national park. The Lassen Park Foundation has funded a youth-camping program at the park for 15 years, but there are plans to expand the program into a full-blown youth camp equipped with tent cabins, cooking shelters and group campsites.

The grant is part of the NPF’s America’s Best Idea campaign, which chooses recipients that find resourceful ways to reach underserved groups. It was inspired by Ken Burns’ documentary series that showcased America’s national parks and landmarks.