Slippery situation worsens in Gulf

Scientists worry spill in Gulf of Mexico could reach land in early May

Engineers are going to extreme lengths to limit the spread of the giant oil spill that’s been worsening in the Gulf of Mexico since a drilling rig exploded on April 20, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The spill, which stretches across 80 miles, is moving toward shore as windy conditions worsen. Engineers from BP PLC, the British oil-energy company that was drilling the well, are struggling to activate equipment that is supposed to shut off the well’s oil flow.

The company is testing a number of ways to control the spread of the oil, including releasing chemicals from planes, collecting large columns of oil with a small armada of ships and injecting heavy liquids into the well.

However, despite the company’s efforts, the oil is expected to reach shore early this month. BP is now considering placing a large dome over the affected area—a technique that was used in a 1979 oil spill.