2010 marks hottest March

Scientists say El Niño, despite weakening, may have warmed the world’s oceans

Despite the rainy weather in Chico, environmental entities are claiming that the Earth’s combined ocean- and land-surface temperatures in March 2010 were the warmest ever recorded for the month, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA officials made the discovery by analyzing the National Climatic Data Center’s monthly records, which date back to 1880 and aid NOAA in providing climate services to governments and community leaders.

The data show that the ocean’s surface temperature was the warmest to ever be recorded, and the land-surface temperature was the fourth warmest on record for the month of March.

While possible causes are still under review, some scientists say that El Niño—despite the fact that it’s weakening—likely contributed to the overall warming of the world’s oceans.