Singles, sized up

Survey reveals 2017’s outlook for love, from tech trends to dating don’ts

Yep, it’s that lovey-dovey time of year again. Come Tuesday (Valentine’s Day), restaurant reservation books will be overflowing, florists will be so over red roses and jewelers will be looking forward to a break. But what if you’re single? recently released the results of its annual Singles in America survey, revealing the habits and desires of the untethered. Here are some of the findings:

• 64 percent of singles hope to pick up a date at a bar, while 42 percent are looking for love while working out.

• Men are three times more likely than women to try to turn a one-night stand into a relationship.

• 58 percent of respondents say complaining on Facebook is a turnoff.

• 12 percent of single men want to date only casually.

• Millenials are 48 percent more likely than other age groups to have had hooked up before their first date.

• 53 percent of women have received a “dick pic.” Interestingly, 49 percent of them didn’t request it.