Singing through life

Jenny Enns

Photo By Carla Resnick

Jenny Enns was born and raised in Chico and has lived here all her life save for a few summers in Chicago, where she took art and drama classes at Columbia College. Currently attending Butte College and working on her transfer course work, Jenny has a fondness for singing. She attends Marilyn Curtis’ voice class at Butte College, where she sings alto.

How is the voice class going?

Good. I haven’t taken a singing class before.

Do you read music?

Yeah. I played the flute for four years. I was awful. [Insistently.] I was. Reading music has helped me, though. I still have my flute, but I never play it.

Why did you choose to sing alto?

Because I can’t sing high notes. [Laughs.] I’m too squeaky if I sing up high, so I try to avoid it.

Do you sing in the shower?

Yeah. It gives a good sound off the tiles. It sounds good. The steam helps your throat. I’m like, “I should record in this. It sounds good.” Later you’re like walking down the street with your CD player, listening to yourself, ‘I am cool.’ Everyone should do it.

I understand you also sing when you ride your bike.

Mostly at night when no one can see. Sometimes I’ll be singing, and then I’ll see someone and I’ll be like, “Nope, definitely not singing, I’m talking on my cell phone.”

What do you like about singing?

Hmm? Everything. I can’t really think of anything I don’t like about it. Sometimes I get kind of nervous singing in front of other people, but then it goes away after a little bit. I’m always singing. I used to sing on the swing set when I was little.

Lots of people stop singing on the swing set as they get older. Why didn’t you stop?

Because it is fun, and people shouldn’t ignore things that are fun.

Do you plan on staying in Chico when you are done at Butte?

After Butte I don’t know where I’m going. I know I’m going to move, but I don’t know where yet. I don’t know what I want to do with school yet. So I just know that I am going to a school—not here. That’s the rough plan. I know I just need to get out and see the world. I need to get out and see things to be able to grow up and live.