Much ado about nothing

St. Patrick’s Day revelries went on, but the real party was DOA. The Chico Police Department deployed 50-65 officers during the “St. Patrick’s Day operations” and called in outside help to enforce the peace. Outside agencies such as the Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) and California State University, Chico (CSUC) police were on the beat, but since the university’s spring break is still being scheduled to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day, and more bars were convinced to open later in the day, the rowdy and crazy fans of the Day of the Drink 2006 mostly preferred to stay home. Small parties and a tame bar scene seemed the theme of the day. According to the Chico police, minor arrests and “no significant crimes of violence” made this St. Patrick’s Day operation a “success.” It seems St. Pat’s has gone the way of Chico’s once notorious Halloween festivities.

2006 St. Patrick’s Day Law Enforcement Stats

Total arrests within Chico city limits: 58

Arrests made by Chico Police Department 47

Arrests made by outside agencies (ABC, CSUC police) 11

Charges: Drunk in public 38

Driving under the influence 4

Delaying/resisting a police officer 4

Felony domestic violence 2

Felony parole hold 1

Felony weapons violation 1

Low-level misdemeanor arrests 8

Source: Chico Police Department